Training Videos

Whether you’re an experienced concrete worker or you’re just getting started with decorative products, watching these videos will show you the best products to buy and how to properly use them.

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Concrete Cleaning & Restoration

Using SCR and a brush to clean concrete
Repairing Concrete using Overlay
Concrete Driveway Restoration
Driveway and Sidewalk Concrete Cleaner

Concrete Wall Coatings

Turn your sheetrock into concrete
Concrete Wall Stamp Overlay and Spray Coatings
Make Concrete Walls!

Countertop Precast

Bending Concrete into Furniture Wood looking Table
Concrete Countertop Mixing
How To Bending Concrete Casting into Furniture Design
Concrete Countertop GFRC Precast Break Testing With Fiber
Concrete Countertops Kit Do it Yourself
Mixing Gray Color into Concrete Countertop Mix
Concrete Countertop Sealer - Food Safe and UV Stable Scratch Resistant
How to Make a Small Concrete Countertop Form with Foam Rails and Tapes by SureCrete
Concrete Countertop Texture - Travertine & Veining by SureCrete
Creating a "Pressed" Texture in Concrete Countertops & Wall Panels - Xtreme GFRC Mix by SureCrete
Concrete Countertop Veining

Epoxy Floor

Installing a flake floor
Making Art with Metallic Epoxy
Transform Your Wood Subfloor
How to Make a 3D Metallic Floor


Staining a Concrete Floor


Stamping Poured Concrete Using Color Hardener.
Overlay Stamping
Stamping Using Textured Skins
Stamping European Fan
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