Concrete Supplies

When you’re in need of trusted concrete supplies in Pennsylvania or the surrounding states, Paradise Concrete Solutions is the perfect choice. Based in Lancaster, PA, we are your local source for a wide range of essential decorative concrete supplies including mixers, colorants, sealants, our decorative design showroom and more.

Visit our convenient online store with regularly updated inventory and browse what we have available.

Need a Concrete Supplier Near You? Look No Further!

Our team of expert professionals has been serving the area since 2011, and we continue to provide the best in concrete supplies. We specialize in offering our clients quality products from trusted brands like SureCrete, Xtreme Floors, GatorBar, and more.

If you’re searching for the best concrete supply store near you, trust that Paradise Concrete Solutions is the best choice. We offer a wide range of services to suit your individual needs, from tools to materials and even training!

Whether you’re in need of concrete stain supplies, decorative concrete supply, or other concrete products, we have the team and products to make your project a success. 

Why Choose Paradise Concrete Solutions?

When you’re considering potential decorative concrete supply companies, it is important to know that you are working with a reliable and knowledgeable team who will provide the best concrete construction supply products and services available. 

At Paradise Concrete Solutions, we strive to be the most trusted resource in decorative concrete supply for our customers. We are the area’s most reliable source for concrete supplies, with years of experience in the industry and certified technicians on staff.

Quick and Easy Ordering

As the region’s premier concrete supply company, we strive to make ordering your concrete supplies fast and easy. That’s why we offer quick and easy ordering with our online professional concrete supply store.

We offer the concrete equipment and supplies you need to make your project a success. With an easy-to-use interface, you can quickly and easily place your order and select delivery or pick-up at checkout.

High Quality

Whether you’re shopping for concrete stamping supplies, concrete finishing supplies, or decorative concrete supplies near you, we have the perfect products to match your needs.

We source all of our supplies from only the most trusted and reliable brands in the industry, so you can rest assured that you are getting high-quality supplies every time. We work with only the best in class suppliers to provide our customers with reliable products at competitive prices.

All the Tools and Training You Need

Searching for concrete equipment supplies? Looking for hands-on training in concrete applications? We offer an array of tools and training resources to ensure that you are fully equipped for your next project.

Learn how to use concrete stamping supplies, concrete countertop supplies, and more by signing up for one of our in-person seminars

Or, learn at your own pace by checking out our concrete material supply training and how to videos

Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff

At Paradise Concrete Solutions, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to answer any questions you may have about our products, services, or training resources. 

We are committed to providing superior customer service so that you can be confident that you are getting the best materials for your projects.

Get in touch today if you have any questions or need help finding the right concrete supplies near you.

Our Offerings in Lancaster, PA

At Paradise Concrete Solutions, we are your premier source for concrete supplies and construction equipment in the Lancaster, PA and surrounding areas. Whether you’re looking for concrete forming supply, concrete counter supplies, or decorative concrete supply near you, we have the perfect products to meet your project needs.

Decorative Concrete Supply

Interested in concrete forms and concrete mold making? Want to create a stunning outdoor space with a concrete stamping project? Paradise Concrete is the best decorative concrete supply store in the region, and we can provide you with all of the products and knowledge you need to make your project a success.

Concrete Stain Supplies Near PA

Concrete staining is a great way to add a unique and attractive look to your application. Choose from stains in natural shades like browns and grays or vibrant colors, like reds and blues, to suit your project.

If you’re searching for concrete stain supply near you, we’d be happy to help. We provide our customers with a wide variety of concrete staining supplies including sealers and coatings in a range of colors and textures for all of your needs.

Concrete Stamping Supplies

Concrete stamping is an easy and attractive way to add texture and interest to your project with stamps, rollers, and more. For stamped concrete supplies near Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and surrounding states, trust Paradise Concrete Solutions.

Concrete Stencils Supplies

Concrete stencils are a great way to add a unique touch to your concrete surfaces. Brick and rock concrete stencils are some of the most common, but you can find other options to create the patio, floors, or countertops of your dreams.

Other Decorative Concrete Supplies

We also offer a range of other decorative concrete supplies and equipment, including concrete stencils supplies, countertop precast, polishing pads, and more. Achieve concrete decorative finishes such as textured, stamped, stenciled or polished concrete with the right artistic concrete tools and products.

Concrete Countertop Supply

We primarily provide concrete countertop supplies and tools to concrete contractors, but for those interested in DIY concrete countertop products, we have what you need. We carry everything from colorant and sealants to molds, stamps, stencils, and more so that you can create the perfect countertop design for your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor space. Whether you want to create stamped concrete countertops or something with a stencil, we have the artistic concrete solutions you need.

No matter what kind of concrete countertop supplies near Lancaster, PA you need, we carry a variety of products in one convenient place. Browse our online storefront for concrete countertops supplies and more today.

Concrete Frame Supplies

Need concrete frame supplies for your project? Paradise Concrete Solutions is the perfect place to find all of the concrete materials you need. Browse our selection of aluminum forms and other materials for forming, setting, and pouring concrete frames to set your project up for success.

Concrete Polishing Supplies

Polished concrete is a beautiful and durable flooring option that offers low maintenance, high stain resistance, and an attractive finish.When it comes to concrete polishing, the right tools make all the difference. Get the tools you need to achieve an attractive finish with our selection of polished concrete supplies. 

Concrete Tool Supply

We carry a wide selection of tools, including mixers, saws, grinders, and more for rent or purchase. Get the job done quickly and efficiently with our top-of-the-line concrete texture and tool selection for your project. No matter what you’re working on, Paradise Concrete is the best destination if you’re searching for a concrete tool supply store near you.

For concrete supplies near Pennsylvania, Maryland, and other surrounding states, we are your go-to shop. We provide our customers with the highest quality concrete supplies to fulfill all of their project needs with ease and confidence.

Whether you need fast-setting dry mix or slow-setting wet mix, we can get you what you need.

Concrete Floor Supply

We provide a variety of flooring supplies, including sealants, coatings, and treatments to give your concrete floor the perfect look. Get the tools you need to achieve a polished or stained finish that is both beautiful and durable.

Concrete Sealing Supplies

Whether you’re simply wrapping up a job or looking into concrete resurfacing supplies, our sealing products can be used to protect, strengthen and extend the life of your surfaces. With concrete refinishing, you can give your surfaces a polished, attractive finish, and our sealer help keep them looking great for years to come.

Concrete Coating Supplies

We also carry a wide selection of concrete coating supplies, from epoxy to polyurethane and more. Create the perfect concrete finishing for your project with our selection of coatings.

Need a concrete overlay? Or just interested in concrete coating? We have the supplies you need to get the job done, from overlay mix and resin, to special coatings and more.

Concrete Equipment Supply

We understand that the right tools and equipment can make a big difference on any job, whether for concrete repair, concrete grinding, or other tasks. Get the job done quickly and efficiently with our top-of-the-line concrete supplies.

Concrete Tool Supplies

From chisels and levels to cutters, clamps, and more, the tools you use for your application matter. We stock a variety of tools so that you can complete your job with precision and accuracy.

Concrete Equipment Rentals

We offer a variety of rentals, like concrete stamps, to make your job easier to complete. Browse our page on rental products to see what’s available.

Who We Serve

Paradise Concrete Solutions is one of the most trusted concrete supply companies near you, serving the Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey areas. We strive to provide the highest quality and best value supplies for concrete projects to our customers.

Concrete Contractor Supply

If you’re a concrete contractor looking for supplies, we offer an extensive selection of concrete tools and materials. We have everything you need to tackle your work at any part of the project, from concrete testing to finishing and polishing.

Concrete DIY Supply

Are you looking for concrete DIY supplies and tools for your home improvement project? Whether you’re working on a decorative concrete floor, a countertop, or something else, we offer an extensive selection of supplies, from waterproofing and crack repair products to sealers, dust shields, and more. Get the highest quality materials and tools to complete your project with confidence.

Concrete Construction Supply Near Pennsylvania & Maryland

If you’re working on a larger project, we offer a variety of concrete building supplies near you to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Need roller or sprayer to complete your job? Check out what we have in store!

Whether it’s for a sidewalk or patio, an industrial flooring installation, or even a large-scale driveway resurfacing, we offer concrete construction supplies near you to help meet your needs.

Common Concrete Supplies

No matter your project, there are some basic supplies you’ll always need. From formwork to finishing materials, we have a selection of common concrete materials that can help ensure success on your next job. 

Common concrete supplies include formwork, reinforcement materials, concrete mixes, admixtures, curing compounds, sealers, primers, and other finishing materials.

Formwork is an important part of any concrete project and may include items like wood planks and steel forms that are used to shape the finished product.

As one of the most trusted concrete supply stores near the Lancaster area, we carry all the most common supplies you need for a successful concrete project, as well as more specialized materials and tools.

Essential Concrete Tools and Equipment in Lancaster and Beyond

We are proud to be your go-to source for all your concrete needs. 

From concrete contractors looking for the essential tools and equipment for their job to homeowners taking on DIY projects, we have what you need to get it done right and efficiently!

No matter what you’re looking for, we are happy to satisfy your need for concrete tool supply near Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Masonry Supplies

If you’re searching for trowels, jointers, scarifiers, or other masonry tools, you’re in the right place. Get the best masonry supplies for your project here.


We also offer a variety of products for those who want to reinforce their concrete structures. Get the strength you need with steel wire mesh, rebar, and more.


When it comes to concrete molding supplies, forms are essential. We have a great selection of forms to help you get the job done right.

Concrete Resurfacing Equipment

If you need a local concrete company that can provide you with the tools and equipment necessary to resurface patios and floors, you can purchase (or rent) whatever you’re looking for from our business in Lancaster, PA.

Other Materials

Whatever kind of tools you need, Paradise Concrete is happy to provide you with essential tools and other concrete material supply near you.

Paradise Concrete: The Best Concrete Supply Store for Your Needs

With our commitment to outstanding customer service and wide range of products to choose from, we are proud to be your choice of concrete supply company near Pennsylvania, Maryland, and surrounding states. Whether you need concrete countertop supplies and deco concrete supply products, masonry tools, sealers, or any other concrete materials, you can count on us!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re located in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, or New Jersey, you can easily find the right concrete tool supplies for your project locally with Paradise Concrete Solutions. We offer a wide range of products and services, from concrete accessories to decorative concrete supplies and more. 

The cost of concrete supplies varies depending on the type of product and where you purchase it. Paradise Concrete Solutions offers competitive prices on all our products, so you get the best value without sacrificing quality.

For the most up-to-date information on our stock, you can visit our website. Or, you can contact us via the form on our site or by calling (717) 344-5386. We are happy to provide assistance and guidance with selecting the right concrete supplies for your project.

Whether you’re just learning what’s available or you’re looking to buy,  you can visit our online storefront to browse our offerings and place an order.

For hands-on training classes, visit this page to learn more and enroll.To watch training videos on concrete cleaning, overlay, epoxy flooring, and more, click here.

Trust Paradise Concrete Solutions for All Your Concrete Needs

At Paradise Concrete Solutions, we are committed to delivering quality products that meet all of your needs. Whether you’re a contractor or homeowner looking for essential tools and equipment, reinforcements, forms, or other materials – we have it all! And we’re dedicated to helping you find the perfect solution for your project.

We strive to offer a competitive price on all of our products so you can get the best value without sacrificing quality. With our commitment to outstanding customer service and wide range of products to choose from, trust us for all your concrete supply needs in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Contact us today if you have any questions, and let us show you why we are the go-to concrete supply company in the region.
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